OTTO Aperitivo celebrates the beloved Italian ritual of relaxing with a cold spritz in hand, sharing a plate of antipasti, and spending time with amici as the sun goes down.


Walk in from Wooolloomooloo Wharf, Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 5pm, and enjoy snacks on us when you order any drink. In true Italian tradition, antipasti is complimentary, so all you need to do is sip in the afternoon sunshine, stimulate conversation, and l’appetito before the evening meal.


Whether you join us for a quick drink, snack, and a catch up, or to indulge in a full Italian experience before dinner at OTTO, Aperitivo is the perfect way to unwind from the day and enjoy a taste of la dolce vita.


Aperitivo at OTTO
Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 5pm
Complimentary Aperitivo snacks, including olives, gnocci fritto, grissini, and nuts when you order any drink, including non-alcoholic
Walk-ins only