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Please view our reservation policy ahead of your visit to Otto.


Reservation Timings: Later lunch reservations from 2pm to 4pm are booked on a limited dining time, with the table rebooked for dinner service. Early evening reservations from 5.00pm, 5.15pm and 5.30pm are booked on a limited dining time, with the tables rebooked at 7pm.

Reconfirmation: We will reconfirm your reservation within the week of your booking. If you think you may be unavailable, please contact us on (02) 9368 7488 or

Cancellation Policy: Non Special Events Days: Credit card details are required to secure all bookings of 8 guests or more, and for all reservations on Friday and Saturday evenings. Should you need to cancel your reservation or reduce your guest numbers within 24 hours of your booking, a cancellation charge of $50 per person will be incurred. Please contact us on (02) 9368 to make any amendments to your reservation.

Seating Requests: OTTO will do its best to accommodate all seating requests, which are always noted at the time of the booking. We are unable to guarantee your request however, as table allocations are finalised on the day.

Service Charge: A discretionary 10% service charge is applied to all tables for 10 or more guests as a gratuity paid directly to staff.

Public Holiday Surcharge: Should your reservation date fall on a public holiday a surcharge of 10% will be applied to all food and beverage prices.

Credit Card Surcharge: Please note a variable surcharge will be applied to all credit and debit card payments.

Make A Reservation

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