Reservation Timings:
Reservations of 1-4 guests are booked on a 2-hour dining time with the table booked shortly after. Reservations of 5-13 guests are booked on 2.5-hour dining time. Kindly note, all lunch reservations are asked to vacate by 4:45pm.

Reservation Confirmation:
Once credit card details are received your reservation is confirmed and subject to our cancellation policy noted below.

Cancellation Policy – Non Special Event Days:
Credit card details are required to secure all reservations at OTTO. Should you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of the arrival time or fail to show for the booking, a cancellation charge of $50 per person will be incurred. Please contact us on (07) 3835 2888 or to make any amendments to your reservation.

Additional Safety Measures: 
OTTO will follow the QLD Government Public Health Order directions in place at the time of your reservation. As such, our capacities, offerings and restrictions may be subject to change.

Seating Requests:
OTTO will do its best to accommodate all seating requests, which are always noted at the time of booking. We are unable to guarantee your request however as table allocations are finalised on the day.

Set Menus:
Groups of 14 or more guests are required to dine on a set menu. Please refer to Events Details for more information.

Service Charge:
A discretionary 10% service charge is applied to all table of 10 or more guests as a gratuity paid directly to our staff.

Gift Cards:
OTTO and Fink gift cards are welcome to be used during reservations at OTTO Brisbane, excluding on special event days such as Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, or other events that require pre-payment at the time of booking.

Accepted Payment Methods:
We are pleased to accept payment by debit, credit card, and cash.

Credit Card Surcharge:
Please note, a variable surcharge will be applied to all EFTPOS, credit, and debit card payments.

Sunday Surcharge:
Should your reservation fall on a Sunday a surcharge of 10% will apply to all food and beverage prices.

Public Holiday Surcharge:
Should your reservation date fall on a public holiday a surcharge of 15% will apply to all food and beverage prices.